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The Cup Sprinter 10

The world's most energy efficient machine
to produce EPS cups!

The CS 10 means quality all the way. Unique in the industry – the most energy efficient and reliable technology is managed with state of the art process and manufacturing control. Machine and mold construction guarantee high speed and output. Our hydraulic or step motors are smooth and fast, managing opening and closing speeds to improve quality, cycle times and the life of molds and machines. No more break downs and productions stops due to wear and tear.

We supply solutions for multiple machine cup transport with high output require-
. Our technology works also perfectly with square cups/containers because of our automatic stacking device, which can even produce, control and stack cups up to three different sizes on one machine. Perfect for small volumes and high yield cup sizes.

Fully automated transport, checking, stacking and packing
The static-free conveyer system feeds the cups to our unscrambler. Perfectly sorted
the cups arrive at the Cup Checker. Here the camera checks them for any leaks, dirt or other quality issues. This highly efficient system provides you also with statistics and documentation which is useful for quality management. After the stacking of the cups the Cup Packer is again a huge saver of labour. The result is the only perfect hygienic cup in the industry. All these process and quality control steps are made in a minimum cycle time.

The Cup Sprinter 10 is fully automatic from cup molding to subsequent treatment. The CS 10 is the most energy efficient cup production technology in the industry. We offer - as sole manufacturer - removing systems with integrated quality, stacking and counting management during the production process without loss of cycle time. Additionally we realize the fully automatic packaging of the cups.

Automation advantages

  • Reduction of cup passage at only a few stations avoids interruptions caused by electrostatic charging, dirt accumulation and damage
  • Integration of the functions leak test, counting and stacking of the cups into the automatic removing system offers not only a simplyfied production course but also a clear saving of space an labour
  • Shortened and uniform conveying distance guarantees better control of the complete production process
  • Different cup sizes can be manufactured simultaneously on one machine

The CS 10 is a 10 cavity EPS cup molding machine

  • Production of best quality EPS cups/containers
  • Different cup/container shapes and sizes from (2 - 48 oz/40 - 1.500 ml) 
  • Shortest cycle times in the industry
  • Fast and simple mold changes maximize productovity and flexibility
  • High production performance
  • Automatic process control and leak test during the production
  • Space saving 
  • Machine dimensions
    2400 x 1800 x 2250 mm