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IML EPS Cup Technology

IML EPS cups are our daily business! And again we could make a big step ahead!

With our partner - Gutsche Maschinenbau - we offer now as sole manufcturer the only operator-free complete solution for expansion, cup molding, visual cup control, cup stacking and packing.

The patented new in-mold labeling technology is an innovation on the food and beverage market. This machine is totally developed and built in Austria. It is the first and only patented IML EPS cup machine worldwide! This superior technology now enables IML EPS cups (in-mold labeling expandable polystyrene cups) to be produced highly efficiently.

Only ONE step for

  • Cup molding
  • Cup labeling
  • Quality control
  • Counting
  • Stacking
  • Packing

The High Value of IML EPS Cups

  • The cup is the messenger
    This effective marketing tool offers a wide range of marketing potential and advertising possibilities for the future. It fits perfect to reach the customer directly and at a moment when he is relaxed and frank for any information. So this opens a very interesting value added market with a quick return on investment.
  • Lowest label cost
    All types of suitable label materials (paper, FPO etc.) can be used and due to the unique vacuum process of PSTT we have the lowest label cost of the industry
  • Highest graphic quality
    IML cups showcase superior aesthetics and graphic brilliancy, there are no limits in regard of the decoration of the cup. The brightly colored labels reflect the customer’s image and reputation.
  • Best insulation
    In-mold labeled EPS cups keep meals and beverages at their proper serving temperatures on the inside and do not burn or freeze hands on the outside.
  • Silky smooth to the touch
  • Thin wall cup with solid body and secure grip, perfect stackable
  • Positive eco balance